If you hate dramatic, self centered posts then i’m warning you… Stop reading right away!

Well if you started reading this thing the reasons might be:

1) You’re curious

2) You find these kind of posts interesting

3) You have plenty of time and you want to kill some of it

4) Other reasons (I’m just too lazy to type a lot)

Yeah… well whatever…

Did you guys ever felt like you’re so alone… ALONE even though you’re surrounded by a lot of people… You always wanted to fit in… You want to feel like you somehow belong… but whatever you do you can’t perfectly feel that you belong… it feels like you’re trying to fix a broken vase, glue the pieces together, the vase will be whole again but there are gaps…You’ll try to hang out with a group of people that came by your way… At first you will feel happy and comfortable… and as time goes by you’ll feel like you’re lost again in an ocean of mixed emotions and you feel helpless… then somebody will save you from that feeling… make you feel good, happy and then you’ll lose you’re grip once again and then the apathetic waves of the ocean full of sadness will try to drown you again.

I know I have a lot of company but I can’t feel that I have a place with them.

Argh… Nah… Nevermind… The world will go on turning and it will never stop turning (even though sometimes I wish that it could stop turning whenever i’m feeling down)

Continue with your life now…


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“Leto’s portrayal was of a particular fictional transgender person at a particular time,” Mara Keisling, executive director at the National Center for Transgender Equality, told The Huffington Post in an emailed statement Monday. “But we can’t forget that transgender people like Rayon did exist and do exist. To the film’s credit, I think it accurately showed what the life of this brave person must have been and how she was treated. Our job is to make life better for transgender people like Rayon in the real world, and it really helps to have these lives told by Hollywood.”




Hindi ko alam kung nasayo o nasa akin yung problema kung bakit tayo ganito. May FB pero di naman tayo nakakapag usap. Nagcha-chat ako sayo pero sineezin zoned mo lang ako. Niyayaya kita tumambay pero lagi mo ko iniignore. May cellphone pero hindi ko alam number mo kasi hindi ako sure kung yun pa…

Relate much… :)